Olukayode Anthony Makinde

Olukayode Anthony Makinde


Olukayode Anthony Makinde, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Animal Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.  I joined the department in 2006.

My research focus is on animal nutrition and animal products, specifically, development, improvement and utilization of alternative agro-industrial feed resources, and effects of nutrition on animal products.

There had been various efforts at using blood and rumen content in livestock feed formulations but such have been cumbersome or take too long (minimum 3 days). I developed a simple liquid absorbency test, which is useful in the estimation of mixing ratios of fluids such as blood and rumen fluid to vegetable carriers in the processing of alternative feed for livestock.

Consequently, I jointly pioneered the development of a simple and quick (4 hours) processing method for converting abattoir wastes into blood meal and related products using vegetable carriers (wheat offal, maize offal, brewers’ dried grains and dewatered rumen content) as absorbents. This work identified wheat offal as the vegetable carrier with the highest absorbency.

The method provides a means of economically producing nutritionally valuable animal feedstuffs from wet and underutilized feed resources in developing countries. Broiler chickens, goats and pigs fed feedstuffs resulting from the method had satisfactory to superior growth performance.

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