About the Department

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About the Department

The Department of Animal Sciences started as one of the programmes in the General Agriculture Degree Programme awarded by the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Faculty of Agriculture in 1962. The Department was formerly established in 1966/1967 session. The Faculty of Agriculture operated as unified degree programme from 1962-1977 in which every department made a contribution towards undergraduate training in Agriculture. Thereafter, with the introduction of the Bachelor of Agriculture (B. Agriculture) degree programme, the department graduated its first set of 9 graduates of B. Agriculture (Animal Science) in 1981.


Professor A. A. Adegbola                    1967-1977

Professor A. A. Ademosun                 1977-1981

Professor J. O. Akinokun                   1981-1984

Professor J. O. Ilori                             1984-1987

Professor J. O. Akinokun                   1988-1991

Professor E. B. Sonaiya                      1992-1995

Professor A. O. Aderibigbe                1995-1998

Dr.  P. A. Olubunmi                            1998-2001

Professor I. O. Matanmi                     2001-2003

Professor S. M. Odeyinka                   2004-2006

Professor O. G. Omitogun                  2006-2010

Dr. S. O. Oseni                                     2010-2012

Dr.  E. O. Akinfala                              2012-2014

Dr. S. I. Ola                                         2014-2016

Dr. A. A. Fatufe                                  2016-2019

Prof.  E. O. Akinfala                          2019-2022

Dr I. O. Dudusola                              August 2022-Till DATE